25 January 2006


it's great to be alive!

Weather is no longer an excuse not to go out in winter-toronto. When you can hop on your bike late January without hat. It wasn’t the weather it was the venue I had to brave: the drake. But last night there was no ill-treatment or bad experience.

Slow Dance Recyttal and Hooliganship (same people, diff project) are total pros. My mind is still reeling. I still have that warm buzz you get from experiencing something so “life is amazing” and inspiring. They made these huge inflatable colourful prisms that look like they could have been the wickedest tents ever in their former life and the coolest kite in the sky in their next life. On the screen thay had an animated video of colourful beetles and leaves and skies that made you feel so happy to be alive ---seriously! They set it to pretty wicked music and play clarinet and a super fuzzy bass on top. The whole time my heart was fluttering. I was on the edge of my seat.
Afterward there were a few more videos, all great and fun (including one with soaring hotdogs and tacos) and animal monster played a pretty down-tempo set.

SDR n Hs are both from Portland. Afterwards Iris and I were talking about all the different connections between Portland-Toronto. And we were thinking that it would be fun to set up an exchange program between the two cities.